How to Fake Your GPS Location on Ios/Android Spoof GPS Android/iOS

what is going on guys I’m gonna cop your,back with another video in today’s video,I’m gonna show you guys how you can,spoof the location of your iPhone spoof,or the location of your iPhone can be,useful for a lot of different apps in,most cases it’s used for sneaker passes,on Nike sneakers ID be confirmed and,reagent only jobs on frenzy this is a,very easy process to do and I’m gonna,show you guys just how to do it okay so,now that well my computer you are gonna,need one program and that program is,called itools I will leave a link in the,description below it is for Windows and,Mac I’ll have both in the description,just click on the link and download it,and make an account now this is a,premium service which I believe it’s,like 30 dollars for one-time fee they do,have a 7 day free trial if you want to,check it out it might not be seven days,it might be three or five I’m not too,sure we just had to check it out for,yourself so what you have itools opened,up you just simply want to plug your,phone in and then you unlock your phone,and hit trust on your phone after plug,your phone and correctly and hit trust,you will see your phone on the screen,now what you want to do from here is,come up to the toolbox go down to where,it says a virtual location and you’ve,developer mode as you can see my address,is on the screen right now so I got to,be sure to block that out but you’ll see,the location where your phone is right,now so let’s say there’s a sneakers pass,going on in New York City means type in,New York click on it and then just,simply hit move here now if I go to the,maps on my phone as you can see I’m in,New York City that’s pretty much it on,how you can spoof it it’s a very easy,process to do now let’s get into how you,can actually pick up the sneakers,alright guys in this video I’m just,gonna be going over a Nike sneakers,passes and how those work and I pick up,the shoes if you like to see if it is on,how to do a frenzy and indeed is,confirmed please let me know in the,comment section below,there’s one requirement whenever you,want to do a sneakers pass you’re gonna,have to know somebody or have a proxy,in that city alright guys so once you’ve,checked on somebody they could pick up,the shoes for you you’re gonna want to,go to your sneakers app come over to,where your profile is edit your profile,and put the person’s name in but that is,the main thing you need to have right on,the order is the name because that’s how,they’re gonna check and the person that,is going to pick up the shoes is gonna,have to bring their ID and show the,people at Nike you’re gonna make sure,this information is correct if you,aren’t a limb to cook my sneaker group,hit me up on discord and I’ll help you,find somebody that could pick up the,shoes for you we have a couple guys in,Chicago New York and LA and if you don’t,know I’m gonna cook and you want to join,check down in the description below I,put both of our Twitter’s my personal,Twitter and unlimited cook we will be,restocking some slots this Friday,check our Twitter for more information,now that’s pretty much it guys if you,guys did enjoy business should’ve hit,that like button it does ascribe button,for more I would be doing release guides,for every single relieves and also doing,live cops for every release so that’s,pretty much it guys I’m a limited cop,and I’m out you ain’t gotta wonder who,all these rappers sound the same damn,there is a ton of you I just murk the,competition did it right in front of you,before I even learn to kill kept it 100,so I’ll be on my kendrick really,humble you never ever drop the ball no I,never

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